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A landing page is a powerful tool to show the value your business offers to its customers, what you believe in, what you’re trying to do in the world, and how you make their lives better. An affordable landing page which displays nicely on all modern devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, will tell the story of your business and engage the customers.


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With over 10 years of experience, we can help your business establish a productive online presence.

I’m a local freelance website developer. I designed my first website in 2004, and I’ve been helping friends and family design and fix their small business web presence for more than 10 years. I take time to understand my individual client’s needs. I take care of the process from start to finish. I can help you with the parts which you don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do.

Greg Copper, Freelance Webmaster

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Affordable Web Design is not a myth! Get a complete project that includes a pleasant landing page similar this one, plus hosting for only $20 a month when you prepay for 2 years!


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